Case Studies

The case studies shown below are great representations of the kind of well-rounded brand we would be eager to help you develop. Each project incorporated two or more of the services we offer and all started with a comprehensive brand guide. As you look through this portfolio of projects you will find everything from photography to product design to graphic design to web design and more. While all of our services are available for hire independently, our goal is to partner with our clients to build visually cohesive brands that become familiar and distinguished from their competitors.

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I Pour Life

I Pour Life’s programs in the US and Ethiopia focus on the strengths of people with social and economic disadvantages and equip them with the tools to reach self-sufficiency. We developed a new visual identity and core messaging that clarified their mission and vision.


ClearBasin helps county tax and finance administrators use state-of-the-art mapping tools for accurate valuation and taxation. In a marketplace typically ruled by the old guard, ClearBasin needed a sharp and contemporary identity that still resonated with their audience.


We designed a better reading experience for the Bible by publishing it in individual, pocket-sized volumes formatted like a novel. We created a Kickstarter campaign for Manuscripts and saw it successfully funded in just five hours.


We love our city and those who choose to do what they love in it. We helped create a clothing brand, designed for those who make Springfield, Missouri special.

Ride for Korah

In 2016, Ride for Korah pedaled across the US to support I Pour Life’s women’s empowerment program in Ethiopia. We built a campaign that raised over $30,000.

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