I Pour Life

I Pour Life’s programs in the US and Ethiopia focus on the strengths of people with social and economic disadvantages and equip them with the tools to reach self-sufficiency. I Pour Life operates less like a typical nonprofit and more like a family. The same values that make a healthy family are what help them make a lasting impact in the communities they serve.

We partnered with Alright Studio to develop a visual identity and core messaging for I Pour Life. Our mission was to create a system that wouldn’t just help readers see the value in those I Pour Life worked with, but inspire them to see the value in all people.

SERVICES: Branding, Writing, Photography


Photo by Joseph Bulger

Logo Design and Graphic Design for I Pour Life
Logo Design Vertical Lock up for I Pour Life
Logo Design Mark for I Pour Life


“We Believe Anyone Can Thrive”





We Believe Anyone Can Thrive.

“A person’s value doesn’t need to be constructed or created, it’s already there–it just needs to be fostered. We begin by helping individuals see the best in themselves and in others, looking away from their past and towards their future.”

We Give a Hand Up, Not a Handout.

“Self-sufficiency grows a sense of dignity and pride within a person. Reliance slowly kills both. Our approach gives individuals the confidence and resources they need to provide for themselves.”

We Have Grit.

“Even when it’s not easy, we persevere to reach our goals. When obstacles and setbacks occur, our passion for people keeps us from giving up.”

We Are Always Learning.

“Both success and failure are opportunities to grow. We believe there’s something to learn from each experience we have and every person we meet.”


Studio photography in Springfield MO for I Pour Life
Studio photography in Springfield MO for I Pour Life
Studio photography in Springfield MO for I Pour Life

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