We worked to design a better reading experience for the Bible by publishing it in individual, pocket-sized volumes formatted like a novel. We created a Kickstarter campaign for Manuscripts and saw it successfully funded in just five hours.

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Persona Series

Personal context affects the way people approach the Bible. We created a social media campaign focused on individuals and their own perspectives on the Bible. For each subject, we shot a portrait, flat-lay, and action shot that represented their unique qualities. We accompanied the images with quotes from interviews with each subject.

“I was raised reading the Bible, but my relationship with it has changed over the past few years. When I read it now, I don’t jump into it trying to find things that I can apply to my own life immediately. I want to see the stories as a whole and try to better understand the character and purpose of Jesus.”


“When I try to read the Bible on my phone, I get distracted. When you’re on your phone, you end up checking emails, looking at Instagram, or trying to figure out where you’ll eat next.”


“When I read a novel, I set it by my bed. I bookmark the page I’m on. I throw it in my bag when I’m heading to a coffee shop. I want the same experience when I read the Bible.”


Manuscripts Erin Persona Portrait
Professional Photography for Manuscripts Persona Courtney
Professional Photography for Manuscripts Persona Flat Lay Luke

“As a parent, I spend most of my day living out of a diaper bag. I love having something that’s easy to put in my bag and easy to read. When I’m sitting in a carline at school or I get a break during nap time, I like being able to get time to read the Bible without distractions.”


Professional Photography for Manuscripts Persona Portrait Courtney

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