We’re proud of our humble city and the people we share it with. We partnered with Jacob from Fearful Symmetry to create a brand that would celebrate Springfield, MO and inspire those who live in it.

Rather than designing items for tourists and visitors, we wanted SGFCO to connect to locals above all. If someone is going to blaze their own path in the 417, we want them to wear SGFCO while doing it.

SERVICES: Branding, Web Design, Photography, Product Design

Professional photography in Springfield MO for SGFCO This Place is as good as any Tee
Professional photography in Springfield MO for SGFCO Frisco Hat



The SGFCO logo was inspired by the iconic mark of the Frisco Railroad, which spanned from St. Louis to San Francisco and was headquartered in Springfield, MO. The ten point outline was inspired by the shape of a raccoon’s pelt.




Legend has it, the name “Route 66” was chosen in the lower level of the Woodruff Building in Downtown Springfield. Our badge combines this road sign shape with Ozarkian hills and a crown, inspired by Springfield’s nickname “Queen City of the Ozarks”.

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